Ready, Set, Action! Here are some of our favorite actions, to help get you started in participating in the Challenge. Be sure to:

  • Check out the Pledge Sheet for more project ideas; and our list of Sponsors to find coupons and discounts.
  • Read our Project Organizing Tips below.
  • Take a How-To class from Sustainable Contra Costa.
  • Participate in fantastic events throughout the Challenge sponsored by our Partners.



  • Place a bucket under your shower as it is heating up, and use the saved water for your plants.
  • Install drip irrigation, shower heads, low-flow toilets and other water-saving fixtures. Check out rebates from Contra Costa Water and EBMUD.
  • Kill your water hogging-lawn by sheet mulching it, and plant drought-tolerant ones instead.  Contra Costa Water or will even help pay for it!
  • Harvest rainwater with a rain barrel, and use mulch, bioswales and berms to retain water.




Garden Work Day

  • Plan or expand an edible garden.
  • Learn about chickens, bees mushrooms and more by participating in a Skill Share Class with Sustainable Contra Costa or Biofuel Oasis.
  • Plant a fruit tree
  • Start a compost or worm bin







  • Go completely reusable for 30 days (water bottle, cups, containers, bags, batteries, etc.)
  • Eliminate toxic products and properly dispose of hazardous waste.
  • Plan a weekly menu to avoid food waste (and save money!)
  • Get off junk mail lists and go “paperless” for statements.




  • Attend an event through the Community Resilience Challenge
  • Create a fun Sharing Event like a Clothing Swap.
  • Join Bay Bucks and support local businesses.
  • Donate your money to a local non-profit dedicated to building resilient communities




IMG_1960Engage and mobilize a group to plan a Challenge Project like the ones described above! Follow this simple Plan Your Challenge Project worksheet to plan a successful project, and ask yourself some key questions, including:

  • Who is on your Project Team? Form a team with friends and others to help implement your project.
  • What are your Goals? Set realistic goals. Success may mean getting 15 volunteers for a Skill Share or donations to grow drought-tolerant plants.
  • How much money do you need for your project? Ideas for funds include incentives from local businesses or setting up an Indiegogo Fundraising Page.
  • Who do you want to participate in your Project? Use your friends, co-workers and social/traditional media to promote your project.